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Established in 2012 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morood Invest LLC is a global multi-strategy investment firm focused on providing innovative investment solutions. Our key emphasis is absolute value creation for both proprietary and co-investor capital.

Morood’s modus operandi comprises a series of co-investment programs using various capital structures that span a broad range of geographies, sectors, risk-return profiles and time horizons. Our signature ‘Grab the Reins’ approach employs a holistic investment process that facilitates a thorough understanding of every opportunity. A hands-on management style enables us to execute on our mandate by supporting our portfolio companies through active board participation, strategic capital and global partnerships. To align incentives, Morood invests alongside its co-investors in all transactions.

Morood has established Private Equity, Capital Markets, Real Estate and Special Situations divisions to cover its thematic functions in the private and public arena. With a multicultural work environment and recognized global experience, Morood combines extensive market knowledge and exposure to capitalize on global opportunities. Our highly qualified team members, winning partnerships with leading entrepreneurs, solid management, prominent institutions and business groups, both regionally and globally, are our key assets.

To further Morood’s global ambitions, we will soon be opening offices in London, New York and Singapore.


We distinguish ourselves based on our ability to achieve the following: 

  • Identify and work with qualified and professional management teams.
  • Develop a 360 degree understanding of each investment.
  • Utilize the most effective combination of financial instruments and legal frameworks to capitalize on any given opportunity.



Investment principles are the cornerstone of our business, enabling us to carry out the following:

  • Develop an integrated overview of an investment that includes economic dimensions of financial markets and corporate perception, in addition to commercial, operational and financial dimensions.
  • Review investment study in order to detect potential risks in which our team members analyze and foresee the worst possibilities, as well as to lay the foundations for the optimal method of avoiding them and the prevention of potential risks. 
  • Planning the appropriate approach early on for when exitting ventures becomes a necessity.



At Morood Investments, we see opportunities in all business cicles, locations, sectors and that working within a flexible environment enables us to analyze each investment individually to build its own efferctiveness, in addition to the capitalizing on our extended relations in order to obtain unique investment opportunities that will provide us with valuable and promising leads. 
Our ventures are centered around analyzing the economics of each investment opportunity, the financial situation of the company, management capabilities, risk factors and the effectiveness of the conduct of operations, and its ability to create value and comprehensive analysis of the sector and geographical area that extends to the potential investment.



  • Geographic Focus: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  United Kingdom,  United States of America,  Southeast Asia,  North Africa
  • Sector Focus: Food and Beverage,  Consumer Goods,  Healthcare,  Real Estate,  Technology
  • Asset Classes: Private Equity,  Equities,  Fixed Income,  Alternative Products,  Direct Investments


  • Private investments arm focused on long term (3-5 years) value and growth investments across the capital structure.
  • Historically minority investments, expanding to significant minority and majority investments.
  • Operational arm of Morood focused on building businesses – greenfield and brownfield – in various sectors such as the Food & Beverage and Healthcare sectors.
  • Proprietary public securities trading arm providing complementary short-term investment opportunities as well as hedging services to other departments.
  • Real Estate arm focused on both residential and commercial opportunities, domestically and abroad, with a medium to long term investment focus.


CEO's Message

We are proud to welcome you to Morood Invest. Within a short period of time, we have embarked on an ambitious investment program that has resulted in select promising transactions.

Guided by a professional outlook, an innovative approach and an ethical posture, our resultant aim is to provide superior absolute returns on capital – both proprietary and that of co-investors. We see opportunities in uptrends and downtrends, and across a variety of sectors and geographies. Our differentiating factor is the ability to develop a complete investment thesis, one we capitalize on by utilizing our investment structuring expertise as well as the subsequent active management of each investment.

Our people drive our business in one direction: forward. This is why, at Morood, we are continually knitting together an outstanding team of dedicated and determined professionals whose contagious passion for finance and investments is complimented by our desire to be the best in the business.

Mohammed Al NemerChairman & CEO

The Team


The Board