Our entrepreneurial approach is instigated from our visionary and results-driven management. This allows us to take a hands-on approach to capitalize on the right opportunities.

Flexible Structure

Capitalizing on opportunities requires flexibility. Our scale and standing enable us to be quick, nimble and opportunistic, while staying laser focused on managing risk and return.

Risk Management

We undertake comprehensive analysis on every opportunity and thoroughly evaluate its weaknesses and threats. Our risk-based approach enables us to anticipate potential pitfalls, set safeguards from the outset and ensure that every opportunity matches on-the-ground reality.


We leverage a network of individuals and companies that can provide quick access to capital and investment opportunities. We look to partner with like-minded firms and individuals to achieve mutual objectives by focusing on medium to long-term value and growth investment opportunities. By maximizing our synergies through our partnerships, we aim to provide mutual benefits for both our partners and ourselves.

We continue to work on building our food & beverage platform which comprises of an operating and management company, and a number of home grown concepts, franchises, and existing restaurants. We are also looking to consolidate our position in the real estate and entertainment sectors.