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infirst HEALTHCARE secures rights to market18th November 2013

infirst HEALTHCARE has secured the rights to market Dr. Cocoa, award winning cocoa flavoured paediatric cough remedies for the OTC and self-medic on market in the US. Dr. Cocoa was named ‘Best Product’ at the 2013 US Cough & Cold ECRM conference. The patent protected line of products has been formulated with real chocolate in order to improve compliance for be er symptom relief. Taste, smell and texture are important factors for any medicine administered orally as children are unlikely to tolerate repeated administr on of medicinal products which they find uncomfortable or stressful in taking. Consumer research confirms that cocoa flavoured cough & cold products appeal to parents and children alike which will bring welcome news to the US paediatric cough & cold market.

Dr. Cocoa was developed by Pernix Therap cs and the agreement with infirst HEALTHCARE follows Pernix’s recent decision to focus exclusively on its core pharmac business.
Following infirst HEALTHCARE’s mission of improving the efficacy of known drugs, Dr. Cocoa has improved the organol experience of monographed cough & cold products by flavouring these with real chocolate to improve compliance and therefore symptom relief.
The Dr. Cocoa brand is brought to life through the Dr. Cocoa Owl character which depicts the family doctor speaking to children and parents in a knowledgeable and credible way, and will be used throughout all marke ng and communica ons acvity.

With this agreement, infirst HEALTHCARE now holds the exclusive global rights for the use of cocoa and chocolate in cough products. infirst HEALTHCARE will be building its US presence and preparing for the launch of Dr. Cocoa in 2014 followed by further pipeline products in the near future. infirst HEALTHCARE will be represented in the U.S. by Advantage Consumer Healthcare, a leading sales management and log cs company with deep cred ls in the OTC healthcare space and a history of successful new product launches. Manfred Scheske, infirst HEALTHCARE’s CEO commented: “Cough is one of the most revalent healthcare condi ons. It is bothersome for sufferers and those around them, as it is contribung to the spreading of viral diseases. Many cough treatments have deficiencies in their efficacy, safety and compliance profiles and infirst HEALTHCARE is commied to finding solu ons that address these issues. Introducing compliance opmised paediatric products that taste be er to children is a step in this direc on. We are excited about the start of our US opera ons in the paediatric OTC market.”