Customized Portfolio

We create a bespoke Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for each client according to their risk profile and financial goals. Investment portfolios are then developed to meet our client’s IPS and supported by an investment structure that is tax efficient and on track to achieve their long-term objectives.

Risk Management

We undertake thorough due diligence to identify the risks and rewards in each asset allocation to ensure suitability for each client. We carefully weigh up the potential to create value against our client’s risk profile, and use asset class diversification as a risk buffer.


We are committed to transparency across with all investments with a clearly defined fee structure. That’s why we employ a direct client ownership model, where every investment made are held under our client’s names. We provide quarterly reporting on portfolio performance and for each investment, and we meet with our clients regularly, to ensure they have a view into their portfolio.


Our investment philosophy is guided by the following principles:

  • Follow a disciplined and value oriented investment approach
  • Focus on conserving principal value over the years and aim to consistently produce a conservatively acceptable rate of return from both income and capital growth investments
  • Allocate capital based on client’s portfolio objectives / mandate – client’s best interest is our priority and suitability of investment is key
  • Direct investment, if appropriate, with additional support from our partners’ expertise
  • A long-term investment horizon