Portfolio Management

Under Portfolio Management, our investment team proactively manages multi-asset class portfolios on a discretionary basis. Our main objective is to meet our clients’ requirements and deliver suitable risk-adjusted returns.

Our Portfolio Management services includes:

  • Structuring and setting up the portfolio
  • Defining a strategic allocation that is primarily based on client needs, market conditions and asset-class outlook
  • Sourcing and acquiring suitable investments
  • Proactively managing and rebalancing the portfolio based on the client’s Investment Policy Statement

Wealth Advisory

Under Wealth Advisory, we act on our clients’ behalf by becoming their family office. We support them in the management of their wealth and advise them on how to achieve their future wealth objectives.

Our Wealth Advisory services includes:

  • Financial counseling 
  • Business analysis
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Preparation and analysis of personal financial statements
  • Coordination and negotiation with other advisors
  • Performance reporting and record keeping
  • Personal debt arrangement